About Us

About Firm Cleaning Solutions

Firm Cleaning Solutions is a professional cleaning company focusing on residential and commercial cleaning services in London and Buckinghamshire. All of our team members are fully trained and insured. We approach each day with a singular focus: to offer our clients unparalleled cleaning services throughout London and Buckinghamshire. Establishing a strong working relationship with our clients ensures our services are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Our goal is to deliver high-quality cleaning at affordable prices.

Firm Cleaning Solutions believes each cleaning service must uphold to 5-star quality, every time. We offer all types of cleaning services. We believe in being punctual, professional, and always respectful of our client’s property. We are here to help eliminate some of the stressors of everyday life, so your time is free to concentrate on other needs. We wholeheartedly believe our job is to ensure that your property is cleaned to your satisfaction each and every time. Our solutions are custom-tailored to your development or building. Before we begin any project, we complete a survey with the client together, so we are in agreement on how we can progress. Directors of the company visit to assess the standards every week to ensure the standard is maintained. We always go the extra mile to provide a professional result.

About The Owner

Welcome to Firm Cleaning Solutions. As the owner/founder, I began this journey with the desire to start my own business after witnessing the dire need for top-quality professional cleaning services. After working in property management for over a decade, in the private and public sectors, I understand how critical a clean and well looked after building is. I am meticulous when it comes to every minor detail and ensuring each area is cleaned to a high standard. I created Firm Cleaning Solutions to save property owners time, add value to their buildings, and boost return on investment. Using my experience I gained during my time as a property professional at a senior level, I understand the issues managing agents, councils and homeowners face when it comes to maintaining high-level cleaning standards. I believe in providing my customers with the best possible customer service while ensuring each area is thoroughly cleaned.