Communal area cleaning

Shared areas in need of a good clean? No communal cleaning job is too big or too small. Our flexible service means that we can provide reliable and professional cleaning services to maintain communal areas for commercial shared spaces. We guarantee to keep communal areas clean and hygienic. Have your reception, lift areas, main hallways, stairwells, and more thoroughly scrubbed. We take care of all refuse areas, including litter removal, and will put the bins out for refuse collectors to empty. Our services also include communal hallway vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning light fixtures and skirting boards. We will carefully clean all window frames, frame treatments, and disinfect all door handles. Maintaining a high level of cleanliness is what we do best.

Carpet Cleaning

We take pride in our carpet cleaning capabilities as our business evolved from carpet and hard flooring cleaning. We pay close when assessing what is required to raise the standard of your carpets. Our team in carpet cleaning will get started as soon as they arrive at your property or place of business. We will survey the job and discuss any areas of heavy soiling or staining. The carpet is pre-vacuumed prior to work beginning and any areas of heavy soiling or stains are pre-spotted by hand and worked on to loosen the soiling.

Hard Floor Cleaning

Our attention to detail, hardwood floor cleaning technique, we use a high-speed rotary brush and cleaning solution to reach tough dirt and grime. As our team clean your floor, the machine’s brush squeeges trap the dirt, and the strong vacuum suction extracts both the dirt and the excess cleaning agent. When cleaning your hardwood floors, our team follow up with a detailed hand cleaning for those hard-to-reach areas. We ensure the pH balance to your floor with a professional grade wood cleaner, which captures any remaining dirt and residue. The entire process is very low in odour, non-toxic and dusty free. We advise on the maintenance needed where you require.

Pressure Washing

We care about your property just as much as you do. Is your place of business looking drab from the outside? Making a good first impression on the outside of a building is just as important as the inside. We cover cleaning the exterior surfaces around your property. Our pressure washing system is environmentally friendly and uses the natural power of water to preserve walkways, gutters, staircases, communal areas, walls, signs, and more. We always take care of the surrounding areas to ensure the safety of the property and those around it.